The Case Of Vincent Chin Case

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On June 19, 1982, Vincent Chin was murdered after his bachelor party in a hate crime driven by an outrage towards the Japanese auto industry misplaced onto himself (Embracing). Neither of his murderers ever spent a day in prison, despite appeals made in court (Embracing). Vincent Chin and his case still matters to Americans and should be made aware to the Wayne State faculty and students by the Filipino Student Society (FilSoc). Not necessarily every single person needs to be told directly by the FilSoc, but at least a small portion of the faculty and student body should become aware of the Vincent Chin case through FilSoc’s efforts. Jerry Heron, the dean of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University, gives a lecture to…show more content…
Multiple religious and labor organizations, as well as the Detroit chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people were fighting for Chin’s justice (Embracing). The Detroit City Council also spoke out for the Chin case, showing how widely this issue influenced Detroit’s past, and therefore Detroit’s present (Embracing). The murder of Vincent Chin’s influence also had a nation-wide influence on the Asian American civil rights movement. Never before had such an influence from one event had such an impact on uniting Asian Americans. Many incidents relevant to Asian American history are taught in schools, such as anti-Chinese legislation, Japanese Internment camps, or even the multiple wars against Asian countries such as the Philippines, Korea, or Vietnam (Wu). However, none of them caused a pan-Asian movement like the Vincent Chin case was able to, and the Vincent Chin case isn’t taught in schools (Wu). The Vincent Chin case united Asian Americans from multi-ethnic background and gave them something to rally against- the killing of innocent Asian Americans (Wu). In a brief, informal survey the author took of her classmates, not a single person knew about Vincent Chin. There are even members of FilSoc who are unaware of Vincent Chin and how his death influenced both Detroit and Asian Americans nationwide. The near invisibility of the Vincent Chin case is and should be alarming. Great numbers of students and faculty are interacting with
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