Steve Jobs And The World

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs does that ring a bell well it should, as he is the reason for most of the gadgets in your pocket and hands. Steve Jobs is the founder and was the CEO of Apple. With out him most of you would have no iPads,iPhones,iPods and iOS or you could be a Samsung person.Steve has revolutionized technology and Communion throughout the world. His importance To me is that with out him I would not be typing and my normal days would be extremely different. Those are the reasons why he is important to both me and the world.


Steve Jobs was born on February 24,1955. His biological parents were Joanne Schieble and his father was Abdulfattah Jandali but he never saw them since his birth.His adopted parents were Clara …show more content…

Lacking direction, he dropped out of college after six months and spent the next 18 months dropping in on creative classes at the school. Jobs later recounted how one course in calligraphy developed his love of typography.In 1974, Jobs took a position as a video game designer with Atari In 1976, when Jobs was just 21, he and Wozniak started Apple Computer.


Before Steve got married, he was committed to his work. He was at work the whole day and only came home to have a quick dinners and a short nights at his home,but this habit stopped as soon as he married Lauren Powell. In 1990 he spent much more time with his son named Reed, and his 2 daughters Erin and Eve who were born latter.His other teenage daughter Lisa, a daughter he had with his old girlfriend Chris Ann Brennan, was taken into the family. Steve 's life was changed when he became a father. He cared a lot about his children and their education. Some examples of him caring for his children is he attended their parent/teacher meetings, did not allow them to watch TV or use devices and had them eat healthy. Steve Jobs often talked about how he would try to balance his life of being a father, and his work. This is a quote Steve Jobs said in a interview about his life, which included his family:"That was one of the things that came out most clearly from this whole experience with cancer. I realized that I love my life. I really do. I 've got the greatest family in the world, and I 've got my

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