Stickup Kids Analysis

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Author Randal Contreras opens The Stickup Kids chapter eight, “Drug Robbery Torture” by discussing how the act of torture is viewed in both a sociologists and the common citizen. He explains how the acts are hard to understand for those who are not involved. The “Stickup Kids” are looked down upon, seen as morally corrupt, and labeled as monsters. He then goes into detail explaining how people such as the “Stickup Kids” are looked down upon because they are poor and stigmatized so the acts they commit are unforgiveable whereas the government has sanctioned tortures and their acts are forgivable because their victims are the “enemy”- which is also the reason the government sanctioned tortures are allowed to not feel shame, where as it is repugnant that the “Stickup Kids” do not. This leads to Contreras discussion on how men like Gus and Neno and the rest of the stick up kids do not have social causes to justify their actions so they use capitalistic reasoning. They are doing what they have to survive because the robberies they commit are their way of life. They are just shamed for it because of their socioeconomic status; this is white collar crime is overlooked but the stickup kids’ actions are so heavily penalized. Contreras then moves onto explain the way those who torture justify their actions. He presents four ways that “violence workers” justify their actions based off of Brazilian police tortures. Contreras says that men Like Gus cannot blame the victim for wrong

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