Stigmatized Identity Essay

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Quinn, D. M., & Chaudoir, S. R. (2009). Living with a concealable stigmatized identity: The impact of anticipated stigma, centrality, salience, and cultural stigma on psychological distress and health. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 97(4), 634–651.
Quinn and Chaudoir studied the psychological distress and health of people living with concealable, stigmatized identities. The majority of past identity research focused on visible stigmatized identities rather than concealable ones, so the authors of this study contributed to previous research by studying internal identities. Before describing their hypotheses and methods, the authors explained the meaning of a concealable, stigmatized identity and defined the different facets associated with it. A concealable, stigmatized identity is an identity that one does not outwardly reveal to others; it is an identity that diverts from social norms and may be perceived negatively by members of the social majority. In other words, those who hide their identities may do so because they anticipate stigma; they are aware of the negative stereotypes associated …show more content…

I plan to study people who may not outwardly reveal their sexual orientations because they may be uncertain about their sexual identities. In addition, the results of Quinn and Chaudoir’s study will inform my own hypothesis because I am essentially researching more specific aspects of their study. Sexually uncertain individuals are a more specific category of people among the population with concealed identities, and eating disorders are a specific mental health disorder. Because the authors found that those with concealed identities have a greater prevalence of distress, I can make an informed hypothesis that those who are uncertain about their sexual orientation have a higher prevalence of eating disorders than those who are

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