Stimulated Violence Perilous Or Diverting For Adolescents?

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Are role playing games with simulated violence perilous or diverting for adolescent? Some may think they are perilous for children and others may think that they are diverting for children. Do we really know what proceeds on in a children's head when they play synthetic violence games? No we do not know what goes on in their head but here are some causes. A few reasons why children should not play imitate electronic games is because, It’s teaching that killing is okay, promotes violence, and children's brains are still forming and growing.
First reason why children should not play brutal video games is because the video games are educating the kids that it is okay to kill people. Video games should not be able to make kids think that assassination is okay. Simulated video games should be for adults only because, grown- ups are more mature than children. Also the child will be very hostile. …show more content…

Video games should not promote violence because children could be violent. Also parents would wonder why their kid is being violent towards others and them. Simulated video game that are Encouraging violence to children is a negligent example because they might think that is how you're supposed to react.
Third reason why children should not play imitate video games is because their brains are still growing and forming. The children pick up what they are seeing and hearing from the video games. Also some kids take violent video games seriously because they think that it is real-

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