Stink Fish

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Street art is commonly seen all over the world, and you can often see this form of art on downtown building walls. This street painting by Stinkfish, a Colombian street artist, delivers a colorful piece of art for the public to see. Stinkfish did not give a name to this piece because he selects random spots to create his masterpieces. The painting is a girl’s side profile view of her face and head. The view beside the face has many colorful shapes and figures that can symbolize many things happening in her head all the time. There is one simple side of this artwork which is the girl’s face. The more vibrant side of this artwork can be viewed as what is painted beside the face, which is filled with many colors and different shapes. These colors …show more content…

This part of the painting has not one shape in common, which makes it unique and makes it stand out from the rest of the piece. All the objects look as if the painter swiftly moved the soft, bristles of the brush on the wall. Some of the shapes are plant-like, which are either green or a whitish blue color. These shapes are more near the face of this image and coming down the side of the face. Some shapes are either thin lines, dots, or larger circular shapes that almost look like a swirl. The swirl figures are all different colors and range from blue, green, pink, orangish red, yellow, and some black. The swirls are randomly throughout, but each of them connect or in some way touch another swirl or figure. Beneath the swirls is a light tan color that is the wall that the piece has been created on. This part of the painting beside the face reminds me of what is happening inside a person’s head. The colorful patterns and shapes reflect just how amazing the brain might be functioning because of everything that is stored in their heads. For example, creativity, knowledge, emotions, and so much more that make each person unique in their own way. This part of the piece has so many different colors and shapes it represents the different things that humans, and the girl in this particular piece, have constant, active …show more content…

Looking at the top of the face, viewers can see one large eye and a tiny bit of the other eye. The eye is mostly black, filled with a little white in the center to make it clear to viewers that this is an eye. Moving down the face is a good-sized nose that is yellow and black for viewers to see it is a nose, along with a mouth that is mostly dark and difficult to distinguish. Near the eye and mouth are pink colored, flower petal shapes. This is the only bright color that is on this side of the painting, other than the yellow face, the small amount of white, and the black shadows on the face. Also, near the eye, are small, yellow dots that seem to be coming out of the other eye. This side of the painting is quite simple compared to the other side considering it lacks color. This part of the piece reminds me of a girl who goes everyday without expressing who she truly is. The face in this painting looks sad and straight-faced as if something is wrong. The face is much different from what is portrayed to left of the face. This image makes me think that this girl has so much inside her, but is not able to express herself because she may be afraid to do so. The yellow, small dots that are coming from her eye make me think that this is the only way she is expressing herself, and that only a tiny bit of her personality comes out when she is near others. Where the yellow dots go back

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