Stop Keeping Killer Whales Captive For Entertainment

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Stop Keeping Killer Whales Captive for Entertainment The lines are long and filled with young kids barely past the height of their parent’s waists, eager to witness massive, killer whales splash and soak their brightly colored rain ponchos. The excitement radiates from their faces as they watch one orca after another perform tricks they’ve only ever dreamed about. However, one look inside the tank of these incredible creatures and one will find unhappiness and despair. The whales used for entertainment at SeaWorld are held captive, in concrete tanks similar to the size of these children 's bathtubs at home. These conditions may seem harmless on the surface, but there are multiple underlying factors that further prove a point that this kind of lifestyle is detrimental to the health and safety of both the orcas and trainers alike.
There are numerous harmful effects of keeping whales in captivity. For instance, there is often a decrease in survival rates, the orcas begin to convey rough behavior, and there have been an increasing amount of human injuries and deaths within the past few years. However, some individuals believe that companies such as SeaWorld are doing the public a favor by educating families about wild whales. Also, some believe that the quality of life is better in captivity than in the ocean. However, while keeping killer whales in captivity might appear as a harmless entertainment act to the public, there are numerous cases of evidence that further support

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