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Stopping Hypebeast; Supremes biggest re-selling problems What exactly is the reselling of clothes? Reselling clothes has been a big issue in the Hypebeast community since the late 2000’s. When it comes to where this business started to happen, you would think of New York and yes that is true. Since the first Supreme store opened in 1994 it blew up. However, it wasn't until the late 2000’s when people started to realize that the amount of clothing that Supreme produced was very low. When that was figured out, people started selling T-shirts that retailed for fifty dollars ($55) for over one hundred dollars($100). Fast forwarding to 2017, there are 10 supreme stores in the world. Six stores are in Asia, two stores in the U.S., and two stores in Europe. The problems this store deals with are insane and need to be calmed down. …show more content…

For example a Supreme X North Face item will retail for $65-$150 and later resell for $110-$250 depending on the item and the retail price. The high price amount is not only the biggest problem with Supreme but also with other hyped brands such as: Bape, Palace, Jordan, Yeezys, etc. The list goes on and the prices get higher and higher. Another huge problem with overpaying for clothes is that companies do not make enough quantity for everyone to have the item. You have to pay extra to get something that was originally made for way cheaper. All of these problems are what make people angry and happy at the same time. The significance about this topic to me is that I feel that it is wrong for people to abuse the prices of clothes that were originally cheaper. I can understand if the item is really rare and only a small amount of people got it, but these people that resell anything hyped do it all for having extra

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