Storage Loading A De Normalized

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The staging area contains all the source system tables in the database to house incoming data 1:1 (with some additional source system driven elements). The staging area is purged (refreshed) before each batch load cycle. In other terms, staging area should never house history of loads. This is mostly called transient staging area. Staging areas do not house referential integrity, foreign keys or the original primary key definition. They house a sequential numbers which is reset at every load and cycled for each cycled for each table with each batch cycle. Staging area also house a load date stamp and record source for each table. There are exceptions to the staging tables loading a de-normalized COBOL based file, and executing normalization (form 3 – splitting a single table into multiple tables), these staging tables will present parent ID references. Loading a de-normalized XML based file and executing normalization form 3 will present Parent ID reference. The staging area can be partitioned in any format/manner. This format is generally decided by the data warehousing team. The staged tables may contain indexes needed (post load) in order to provide Data Vault loads with performance downstream. Staging area data should be backed up regularly with regular intervals, otherwise it can also be backed up with scheduled intervals. With Data Vault being 100% real-time feeds there appears to be no need for staging area. There are already few instances, where operational Data
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