Essay Story Elements in Maze Runner

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Dynamic Character:
Alby is a dynamic character in the story the Maze Runner. The drastic changes that Alby went through after the Changing are clearly apparent. He is the dynamic character because in the beginning of the story he is nice and also strict and is a leader that manages the Glade. After getting stung by the griever and going through the Changing he becomes very different. He doesn’t want to be the leader and he becomes depressed, crazy and acts differently. It seems like he becomes a whole new person.

Static Character:
I believe that Chuck is the static character in the story the Maze Runner. His character stays the same throughout the story. He stays funny, kind, friendly and loyal to Thomas. He helps Thomas when he first …show more content…

The hospital, sleeping areas and washrooms are all in the Homestead. It is kind of the living area. At last the Deadheads is the section that has the Graveyard. There is also the map room where the Runners record the maps after they explore the Maze. This are basically all the places that the story takes place in.

Bottom Line: The time of the story is in a futuristic period without a specific date or time. The main setting is in the Glade but we don’t know where in the world the Glade is located. We just know it is surrounded by a maze and is isolated from the real world. The more specific settings of the story could be The Gardens, The Blood house, The Homestead, The Deadheads, The Maze, the elevator and etc.
There are three types of conflicts in the story the Maze runner:
a) Character vs. Character:
➢ The Character vs. Character conflict in the story the Maze Runner is the conflict between Thomas and Gally. Thomas and Gally have a conflict with each other. Gally doesn’t seem to like Thomas from day one and he has viewed bad memories about Thomas during the Changing. There is a lot of hatred between Gally and Thomas, and at the end Thomas killed Gally because he tried to kill him and killed Chuck because Chuck jumped in the way.

b) Character vs. Self
➢ The Character vs. Self-conflict in the story the Maze Runner is when the survived Gladers reached the factory and they were standing in a row

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