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Short Story
“Guys tonight has been an awesome night”,said Rebecca. “ I know right,that DJ skills were on point and the dancing was even better,” said Matt. “Well I will see you hopefully tomorrow for another awesome day on the beach”, said Rebecca sleepily. “ Well I will see you soon then”, replied Matt. “Goodnight”, said them both very tired.
Rebecca slowly left Matt’s blue Porsche with white racing stripes and slowly walked back to her fancy hotel. She walks in the main entrance and rides the elevator with bad music all the way up to the fourth floor. After she gets off, she walks to door labeled 200; Rebecca puts her colorful keycard in the scanner and open the door to her luxurious room.She all thought that her hotel was the best with it’s bleach white furniture, see blue drapes,and the amazing artwork,but her favorite part was the dark brown mahogany hardwood floors. As usually Rebecca puts her keycard on the granite kitchen counter and she heads for the bathroom,but something stops her, in her tracks. This pungent, lung penetrating smell hit her hard in her nose. “What would be making this horrible smell”,she thought. Holding her nose she plunged right in the heart of it, which was her bathroom. As she walked through the oak wood door the smell only intensified,this did not stop her. Her eyes could not believe what they saw, a man was lying dead with a bag that was duct tape around his head. “The expression only his face was pure terror and I will never forget it”,

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