Story Of The First Time I Had A Dad

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Shana Lujan
Professor Simon
ENG 101

This is my story as a little girl. This is the story of the first time I had a dad.
Most people don’t remember when they first realized they had a father; I believe it’s life’s nature. Most of us grew up calling a man dad, and it simply was like that from the beginning. That is not my case. I grew up as a proud daughter of a single mother. I was fatherless for 11 years of my life, and I lived the struggles of not being able to say a word that should have been among the first. To me missing a father was not about the person, I was an orphan since the age of 2, and I had no memories of whom I was supposed to miss. However, I had a clear picture of what I wish for, and yet no one who could cover that role. I wouldn’t trade those days with anything though. My whole life, as it has been, has forged the person I am now. It made my heart able to understand true, deep and noble feelings, and how powerful they are. My not too common life has been a good ride; it brought me to a very special person in an unexpected moment.
I was 10 the day my mom had me sit down at the kitchen table and shared with me the news that lately changed my life. She looked at me straight in the eyes. I saw her tremble, I saw her worry, and I saw her try to speak with no success. Then, she finally spoke. She told me, “You know, there is a man who asked me out”, and again “He says he likes me, and he likes you. He likes us. ”Those words came out softly, slowly and strong

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