Story Of The Migrant Mother Analysis

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The iconic image for discussion is from the women named Florence Owens Thompson. The image is this woman who is with her children in the Great Depression era called the Migrant Mother taken by the photographer Dorothea Lange. The Great Depression was a difficult time for people in the United States. The stock market crash caused debt for many citizens, which caused them to struggle with their bills. Thus, people lost their homes which caused them to be homeless. The Great Depression occurred during the 1930’s a little before World War II. This war helped carry the U.S. out of the struggle of the Great Depression. This image reflects a strong message showing how troubling the Great Depression was. To decipher the mysterious meaning of this …show more content…

As a citizen from 2017, I am not able to identify if the woman is American. However, based on the color and clothing of the woman and the children one could say it is from ages ago. The photo Migrant Mother was not a staged photo, however the women Florence, was aware of the photographer Dorothea Lange was taking her picture. “Lange had promised Thompson that her name would never be published” (Phelan). Thompson was aware of the photo and did not seem to care much of her picture being taken because of the circumstances of the Great Depression. The article “The Story of the “Migrant Mother” revealed that Florence Thompson was a single mother, her husband passed away (Phelan). The image of Florence became part of a six-part series of images that made the photographer Lange famous. In addition, Florence received much attention from the media who wanted to know more of the women from the iconic …show more content…

When looking at this image I personally cannot relate to the troubles Florence Thompson went through because she was living during the Great Depression as a single mother with her children. The image portrays more than just a woman, it shows hope and resilience, which is probably why it is such an iconic image. Comparing this image of the Great Depression to others of its time, Thompson’s gaze is serious and many describe her as beautiful in a motherly way. In reading other people’s point of views, the image of Thompson seems to be a mystery to all. It must be the serious gaze she reflects while looking away from the camera. The image should make many thankful not having to live during the Great Depression. This was a time where many families became homeless, divorced, sick and fatalities where at its high. The image of Thompson is a historic picture and for good reason. This is because her image is still taught in today’s classroom in American society as a symbol of hope in desperate

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