Strange Cave Research Paper

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Mountains is Bear’s cave named for the cave bear fossils discovered in the cave. Ciur-Izbuc Cave known as the cave of bones houses the oldest foot prints known to be found at 36,500 years old, evidence shows that seven individuals entered the cave including a child, after a flood. Focul Viu Glacier is the third largest underground glacier in Romania, and Bortig Pit Cave contains the second largest glacier in Romania. Another interesting underground feature is the Movile cave located near the Black sea and Bulgarian border in the southeast. Sealed off from most of the outside world this poisonous cave is home to many strange creatures, scorpions, spiders, snails, shrimp, and more, all living in darkness and low levels of oxygen. The Movile cave was discovered by a group researching the land for a power plant and has had less than one hundred humans in contact with it. …show more content…

The sphinx resembles the Great Egyptian Sphinx. The Babele are mushroom shaped rock formations. Both of these are the result of wind and rain erosion, and are now tourist attractions in Romania. Another area of interest is the Red Ravine located on the Secaselor Plateau near the city of Sebes. The mountain side has a distinctive sharp pointed appearance to the rocks caused by runoff erosion. The red color comes from the sandstones, quartz sand, and gravel and the vertical wall reaches heights of fifty to one hundred twenty five meters and forms deep ravines during the rainy season. Bigar Cascade falls in Caras-Severin part of historical Banat region, are a unique falls because of the way the water

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