Stranger Things Suspense Analysis

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Suspense is when the author or filmmakers keeps away information from the audience so that they become more engaged in the story. People like to watch suspenseful things because it is interesting. The lack of knowledge keeps you interested because you want to find out what will happen next. This keeps you hooked because you are waiting to see what will happen next. Movies with suspense in it tend to do better. This is because people are hooked and want to watch it. I am choosing the show Stranger Things because it is one of the best shows to create suspense. Stranger Things is a show on Netflix where a boy named Will Byers is kidnapped by an unknown monster and his three friends go and try to find him. It is the most suspenseful …show more content…

He goes into his house and tries to call someone, but the monster is heard through the line. He runs into the shed and grabs a shotgun. He hears a noise behind him. It is the demogorgon. Before it takes him, the lights flicker one last time and he is taken. In this scene, two signs of foreshadowing are shown. The first is that Will didn’t roll high enough so he got taken by the demogorgon. They are showing that in the near future, he will be taken by the demogorgon. This ends up happening on his way home from Mike’s house. The second sign of foreshadowing is used twice in the beginning of the show. The first time happened at the lab when a doctor got taken by the monster. While he was running, the lights in the lab were flickering and he got taken. When Will is leaving Mike’s house the lights outside were flickering, and his bike light was flickering too. Right after, the demogorgon appears in the middle of the street. And when he is hiding in the shed, the shed light flickers until he is taken. The lights flickering clearly foreshadow that the monster is coming because each scene that it happens, it appears soon after. This adds much suspense to the story because you know what will happen, but not the exact timing of it.

Dramatic irony is when you know what is happening, and the character does not. Suspense relies on it by showing you what will happen. This ends up having you wait until it actually happens. Viewers want to read more

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