Strategic Planning Of Tesco

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The strategic planning is considered as a management tool that is remarkable factor in many organizations (Abdallah, 2013, n.d.). It is only used for single idea with nay management tool i.e. to support organizational associated to do better job. It is usually concerned to regulate the direction of an organization in response to altering environment, ensure the members working toward the similar goals, and to focus on organizational energies to measure activities (McBain, et al., 2012, n.d.). However, strategic planning is well organized effort of an organization to make its basic actions and decision that guide and create what an organization, why it does, and what it does in future. It is also defined as it is an ability of the manager to accomplish the planned goals of an organization along with management quality. Nowadays, individual development is necessary aspect because it is a planning procedure by the help of which the managers gain knowledge and leadership skills to accomplish long term goals of an organization (Lowe, et al., 2012, p.1021). The researcher of this report has chosen the Tesco organization which one of the world’s largest retailer sector in current days. It is employing more than 326,000 people, functioning around 2,318 stores, and one of the major food retailer companies. It is also running website to provide online services for their customers. Its major market was estimated in the UK where it is operating four banners of

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