Strategic Profile Of The Boeing Corporation

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Strategic Profile
The Boeing Airplane Company was established in 1916 by William Boeing in the city of Seattle, Washington. Boeing has become one of the world’s biggest manufacturers when it comes to military and commercial planes and parts. There are two major corporations within the aircraft industry that are big competitors and share a great rivalry with each other and they are the Boeing and Airbus Corporations. The corporations have been competing with each other for many years when it comes to finding potential contracts for their airplane and also creating different and unique aircraft models for their targeted customers.
“There are five divisional units in which Boeing coordinate their products and services that they offer to their customers, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Defense Space and Security, Boeing Military Aircraft, Boeing Global Services and Support and Boeing Capital Corporation.”(ASU C-3) The purpose of this report is to gather information of external and internal analysis of the Boeing Corporation and used it to see how Boeing fits in the aerospace industry environment.
General Environment One of the many general environment segments that influenced the Boeing Corporation was that in technological trends. In the early years of the Boeing Corporation they developed a computerize program which helped them with the design and preassemble process of their aircraft on the computer rather than by manpower. This computerize design program

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