Strategic Reader Summary

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This article discussed Strategic Reader, a technology-based system blending universal design for learning and curriculum based measurement in a digital learning environment to improve reading comprehension instruction. The experimental study evaluated the effectiveness of Strategic Reader using two treatment conditions - online and offline - for measuring progress. Using both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, strong evidence is found that students using the online tool experience significant growth in comprehension scores. The difference in score growth in the online versus offline conditions is especially large for students with learning disabilities. Only in the online progress monitoring condition do learning disabled students …show more content…

Three research questions were identified in the study. A mixed-method study design, of quantitative and qualitative methodology, was used to analyze whether universal design for learning or curriculum based measurement embedded directly into an instructional digital environment supported better reading outcomes for all students, particularly those with disabilities, and determine whether providing support for teacher instructional decision making and differentiated instruction for individual students leads to appropriately supported reading. The study design included two treatment conditions. Four middle schools from four different districts outside a large metropolitan area in the Northeast were included. This would represent a good sampling of students. Guidelines were established to protect the students. Parents had to sign giving their children permission to participate in the study. Several assessments with a focus on reading ability were administered before, during, and following use of the Strategic Reader to gauge growth over the 11- to 12-week intervention. Pre- and post-tests using the Gates-MacGinitie standardized reading measure. This is a common, reputable assessment known to many people. Randomization was used in this study by teacher. There were some limitations of this study. One was that there was an uneven distribution of participants across

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