Strategic Supply Chain Management

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1.0 Introduction

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management and administration of a network of interconnected enterprises involved in the fundamental provision of product and service packages required by end customers. This complex discipline is the systematic and strategic coordination of traditional business functions and the tactics across those business functions within a particular company and across businesses within that company’s supply chain. The end effect is improving long term performance of the company, the companies within the supply chain, and the supply chain as a whole for competitive advantage. Keith Oliver, an analyst working for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, coined the term “Supply Chain Management” in …show more content…

It plays a key role in the total SCM functions. At strategic level, purchasing plays a decisive role in decisions on and implementation of business boundaries. It acts as a link between the vendors and the company to get involvement and help of vendors in matters like purchased material specification, matching of lot sizes and transportation packing.

E. Selling is the closest link with the demand side of the supply chain. It is directly responsible to help customer know, select, buy, pay for, and take away company’s product. These products may be sold to the customers directly or through a distribution network. A sale plays an important part in decision on design of the distribution and is directly involved in its day to day operations.

F. Manufacturing represents the core of internal operations of a company. No SCM policies can operate in isolation from the manufacturing activities. Manufacturing supports SCM in many ways like, reducing manufacturing lead times and supplying material closely matched to customer lot size and time requirements.

G. Product design has significant impact on efficiency and effectiveness of both supply and demand side of supply chain. In addition the basic quality of the finished product sold to the end user can be improved substantially by better collaboration among channel partners.
Supply Chain Management has matured from a compelling method of deriving competitive advantage, to

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