Essay On Group Discussion

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Analysis of group’s discussion
Throughout week eight which was looking at strategies for teaching writing as a group, we presented a well-rounded daily task to the discussion board, awaiting students in our learning group to respond. It 's these responses that will guide this section of the folio and my own personal reflection regarding my role in the group.
From day one of our posts students has responded well. One post that was submitted by Skinner (2017) has supported my own views of literacy; the post was that handwriting skills should be integrated into the literacy curriculum and that there should be a balance between 21st-century learning and traditional learning. Winch et al., 2004 acknowledges this and states handwriting is a …show more content…

During the communication stage of the process, I was seeking to see what resources people wished I researched for (Group 8 Assessment 2 Literacy, 2017). This was done well, and I proceed to find resources. It was now I started to post them to the Google Docs (Group 8 Assessment 2 Literacy, 2017). we have, and then decisions were made on which ones to use and which to dismiss, as our week approached I could stipulate as well which resource I wish to be employed. Then our week came around, and the resources were put up and responded to accordingly. Overall throughout the process of researching and confirming resources, I could communicate professionally and adequately to ensure the resources were appropriate to use and are worth sharing with others.
The teaching of literacy needs to include a balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening experiences and requirements to be implemented in a way that provides a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of all diverse learners and as an educator it is my job to utilise the best approaches and strategies to teach literacy.
The constructivist theory aligns well with my personal literacy philosophy. As this theory suggests students learn best through interactions, taking advantage of what the students

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