Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll Ups

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People like trying new desserts every day, which is good because they get to explore new tastes. French toast roll-ups with gooey fillings and golden brown buttery outsides rolled in cinnamon sugar. Melt in your mouth delicious! (Reeni). They are definitely a delicious breakfast treat that can also be served as a dessert. The problem with these Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll Ups is that they are way too easy to make (Nagi). Many people do not know how to make/ cook these amazing treats; this will take them through a step- by- step process on how to make easy, fast, and delicious French toast rolls that are stuffed with Nutella and Strawberries
Before anyone starts preparing anything, one must gather all the ingredients and cooking utensils. These items will be needed; stove, metal or iron pan, and measuring spoons. Twelve slices of regular sandwich bread, Nutella, sliced strawberries (small pieces), two eggs, three tablespoons of milk, dash of vanilla,
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Once the butter is melted and bubbling, the cook is going to dip each roll into the egg mixture, coating completely and then he will place them straight into the pan, seam side down and just keep going with the rest. Let them cook for a few minutes or until golden brown, making sure to turn them so they brown on all sides. When fully cooked, remove the rolls from the frying pan. Last but not least, they are going to roll each of the Nutella rolls in the cinnamon sugar until completely covered with sugar. They can be served plain, or with syrup.
That is how to make strawberry Nutella French toast rolls. They are a delightful treat anytime. Delicious breakfast, dessert or even snack. Passing this recipe is exciting, once people feel comfortable with this recipe, they can change it, maybe not use strawberries but they will use bananas instead. Most important thing, is that everybody will enjoy these quick and tasty Nutella French toast
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