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What sort of social critique does this Street Angel (1937) present? What does it say about issues involved in "modernization"? What symbols are portrayed in Street Angel (1937)


Every country has specific famous era in which their cinema portrays the reality of their society, the 1930 's was the era in which China 's cinema bent itself towards portraying society and modernization.

A lot of distinctive features developed by Chinese film over the last hundred years are the result and testimony of the particular kind of interaction linking culture with politics in the twentieth century china. As a kind of mass entertainment Chinese film has been affected by historical forces in a unique manner. To understand Chinese …show more content…

Critics of street angel were expected to comment on a conflicting set of political and cultural norms, which were portrayed in the movie, in order to revel a complex culture beset by inextricable issues.

Strong women characters like the two sisters were portrayed in this movie. As they had an omnipresent presence in Chinese cinematic portrayal of women and the start era of cinema in which of modern social configurations are portrayed, even though the women portrayed in the street angel were prostitutes. Women 's contribution in the movie was greatly appreciated (Yingjin p36).

Street angel a musical and thus it followed the genre of Chinese cinema in 1930. Thus this movie was made in order to portray the social conditions by means of song and not a dramatic plot, and their promotion material showed titles of the songs sung in the movie and the singers who sung them. Needless to state, a lot of the actors of street angel were not movie stars however they popular artists who usually took part in such musicals. It can be said that this movie portrayed the social condition of china in a more colorful manner then past movies of that era, as a lot of catchy songs were used in this musicals.


The movie didn 't have many symbols used in it, everything was quite direct. However there were two extremely important symbols. One was the news

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