Strength And Weaknesses Of The Government In The United States

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While there are many ways to build up and have a government run, different democratic institutions have been made to encourage a more balanced and efficient government that well-represents each state and its needs. However, there is no perfect government which means that each type of institution has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to efficiency and being able to represent every voter. Beginning with the most traditional form, the electoral system, it is clear that though candidate’s are from the same party, they may not all hold the same views. This means that a voter may agree with the beliefs of one candidate on one issue but disagree with another. There are many candidates that will represent a state for the electoral vote; the most common parties represented in America are Democrats and Republicans. If a candidate must campaign …show more content…

For example, a parliamentary system would have a much easier time creating parties, but would find it more difficult to have direct representation. This type of institution allows for more representation and reflection of the people though the head of this government is not directly elected. A presidential type system is able to directly elect their president, as well as restrict certain laws or bills that they do not want passed, however there is less individual representation and congress is often caught in a gridlock over certain issues. It also takes longer amounts of time for things to get through the whole system before we can see a change. A semi-presidential systems allows for the election by popular vote but will share this power with a prime minister. However, this system needs more well-defined parties to function and makes it more difficult to make decisions that please both the people, and the people in

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