Strength in Numbers Can Lead from Peaceful Protests to Angry Mobs

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Strength in numbers is undeniable however, this strength is often misused. This misused strength often transforms even the most peaceful protests and originations into ruthless mobs. These mobs are directed by a leader, who without a strong moral compass, often will lead his own group to self destruction through the destruction of peace. Cooperation between like minded people to fight for what they believe in is nothing new. These groups tend to be peaceful with the exception for groups who wish to promote social change. However, people are creatures of habit who follow the guidelines of society and when a hot bed issue such as the civil rights or a more modern comparison such as gay marriage, people become very reluctant to change what …show more content…

With great power comes great responsibility, something every leader knows. A group’s appearance in essence is what its leader creates. This creation can be good or evil, in most cases it ends poorly. Men such as Hitler were great leaders, but what he transformed his group into was truly evil. He allowed all of his followers to belief that moral responsibility was of no importance, that ability to completely change others is what turns groups immoral. With no true conscience and without a leader promoting peace, violence and a lack of moral responsibility will always prevail in groups. Martin Luther King Jr. was a powerful man. He was influential in the civil rights movement and truly changed the landscape of the United States forever. However King wrote in, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” that, “There is a more excellent way, of love and nonviolent protest… if this philosophy had not emerged, I am convinced that by now many streets of the South would be flowing with floods of blood.” This statement proves that groups are immoral. However, it will be argued that individuals such as Hitler are just as immoral as his group. That in fact is not true he himself made his immoral ideas but without his group he had no strength. The group is what was truly immoral, because they had a chance to say that what was being done was wrong and they failed to speak out. One immoral soul cannot do much harm, but a

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