Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Working in a family business can be challenging as each person knows his coworkers quite well. At Rabon’s Barber Shop, Bill and his two sons, Cliff and Phil, discover that their individual strengths compliment one another well, particularly in challenging situations.
Family Members’ Strengths Compliment One Another at Barber Shop
When asked which of the men is the best barber, Bill does not hesitate. “We all are the best barber…all three of us. People will come in and request any one of us.”* He lets either son cut his own hair and does not seem to play favorites. They have each cut hair of men, women, and children.
The Rabons have seen their share of hairstyles through the years. “Our most popular cut is your basic, regular haircut,” Cliff says. They also cut many flat tops and fades, which are also known as high and tights. Phil has cut one woman’s hair three times to donate to Locks of Love. Shaving lines in hair has also been popular, and Cliff and Phil found themselves challenged when clients would request special designs in their hair in years past. Phil particularly remembers doing a Nike symbol. Cliff mentions cutting a Batman bat signal. “The bad thing about that was I didn’t even think to charge extra!” Bill defers to his sons for special hair designs such as those.
Bill trained at a Winston-Salem barber school while Cliff and Phil received their barber training in Charlotte. The program lasted approximately nine months. “It was almost like we were in nursing

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