Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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My ACT Strengths and Weaknesses As a junior, I have not yet taken the ACT. I plan to take the test this year, at least once. My goal is to be in the score range of 24-27 the first time I take the ACT. I hope to end with a score in the 28-32 range after taking it two or more times. I am willing to take the test as many times as needed, and as many times possible until I get a score that meets my goal range. I will stop retesting when I am happy with my score, and have tested to the complete best of my ability. In light of beginning to prepare myself to take the ACT, I have analyzed and recorded some of my strengths and weaknesses in the areas of English and Writing. First, the strengths that I posses as of right now, will help my ACT scores because I am already fairly knowledgeable in those topics, and will not have to put as much focus into those areas. My top three strengths that I have previously practiced and gotten better at are; focusing on the topic; topic development; and organization, unity, and coherence. To begin with, focusing on a topic is something that I can easily do. You can approach this two ways, and I exceed in both. In one way, I don’t physically get distracted easily, especially when it is quiet with no distractions. I can key in on what I’m doing and all my attention goes to that one thing. The other way that I am able to concentrate on my topic is by keeping my thoughts and sentences on track. I don’t go off topic or begin to ramble. Another one of

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