Strengths And Weaknesses Of Evolution

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Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” in November of 1859. This work has been one of the greatest pieces of science believed ever written. Darwin uses his reasoning as well as the evidence that he has found to explain his theories in regards to evolution. Darwin was aware the text he wrote was controversial and many people argued the evidence that Darwin had presented. Considering that evolution is indeed merely a theory; there are strengths and weaknesses that would not exist if it were fact. Three strengths of evolution are the evidence of fossil records and the connection between living animals and animals from the past, the idea of natural selection and Darwin’s theory of “the survival of the…show more content…
He not only noticed that species on the Galapagos Islands varied from pervious islands but that species varied with on the island itself. While observing tortoises, Darwin noticed similarities as well as differences that the tortoises possessed. Different characteristics that these creatures had were, shell shape, size and colour. These characteristics were all similar but had taken on slight changes as if they had made an adaptation. Darwin also noticed similarities and differences found in a group of birds. These birds are more famously known as Darwin’s finches. Like the tortoises, the finches had a lot of similarities but also varied in size and shape, colour, and had cosmetic differences such as beak shape. Fossils found in an area are usually pre-decedents to species currently living there. There are still gaps in the fossil record, even though it is more complete then when Darwin published his theory (Barton 73). Darwin’s rebuttal for this argument is not everything fossilised and that is why there are large gaps (Shermer 8). There is also the movement of plates to consider. Fossils could have fallen off of the earth’s plates during plate movement. The fossils could now be located on the ocean floor. Palaeontologists can not prove that every part of the earth has been dug up; therefore how do we know that there are not fossils still out there? Even though scientists can be sure or
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