Stress Of Stress In School

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Growing up with a household containing mostly girls, it can become a stressful environment. My parents have always pushed my two sisters and I to be the best. In school I was the child that was struggling while both my younger sisters were top of their classes. I had to work to earn my grades and make sure I was hanging on along with my sisters. As the oldest my sisters would always look up to me, and I wanted to be the best example, but that would but a lot of stress on me. Since freshman year I started preparing for my life, touring colleges, and deciding what I would like to major in. My home environment was stressful, but school was even harder because I have wanted to succeed in life for the longest time, even at a young age. When I discovered dance, it allowed me to become my own person and take some stress off me.
Since I could walk my mother has entered me into sports from soccer to gymnastics. I was the young girl that did every possible sports I could, but it wasn't until I was entered into Dance that I fell in love with a sport. Listening to the beat of the music while performing helped me lose myself, leaving everything on the stage and off my shoulders. Going to dance I could take a break from life and school and focus on movements that would create an exquisite dance that would take me to another place while performing. Former coaches would say while dancing you need to imagine yourself in a situation or a place that the dance would take place in order to show

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