Stress on College Campuses Essay

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Stress is unavoidable, no matter the situation, location, or time; stress is always present. Stress is found in higher levels during the duration in which students attend college. It is predictably higher among college students, freshmans in particular, because of the extreme expectations set upon them by their parents and, of course, society. The need to please their parents, longing for success in life, and being able to sustain a reasonable income in the future, all of which falls into the hands of college students who are making critical decisions which may decide the outcome for a large portion of their lives. If these students end up hating their future jobs, the stress of having to go back into college to study for a new career …show more content…
This in-between phase is where stress is at its highest. The period usually occurs during our college phase because college is typically (not always though) a necessity in order to succeed. Standards are different with every job, but success in a field depends on willpower and perseverance. Stress affects everyone on different levels, where some thrive off stress and many do not. The symptoms of stress are slight, where most people might not even realize that they are even showing symptoms, so learning to recognize even the slightest symptoms may prove to be beneficial. After recognizing the symptoms of stress, these students and everyone else could take measures to relax or perform activities that relieve stress. These slight side effects, that may not be noticeable, are impairing individuals mentally, and if symptoms remain untreated, then physical side effects occur as well. Choosing to do well is stressful because it is guaranteed that there is a mountain of work in the way before an individual reaches success. Going to college in the United States may be extremely difficult and stressful for ethnic students. These students have to learn and speak English in order to understand their professors and assignments. Paukert, Pettit, Perez, and Walker (2006) examined how ethnic college students
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