Strip District History

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The Strip District History in Pittsburgh
Owners James O’Hara and George A. Bayard wanted an area where the people of Pittsburgh could go and look around at wholesale and retail shops while enjoying all the wonderful tastes and cultures of Pittsburgh, food and they decided to do just that. In 1814, James and George established what we call today the “Strip District” that covered between 11th and 15th streets in Pittsburgh (“Strip District History,” n.d.). However, the official name was the “Northern Liberties of Pittsburgh” which was an area known as Bayardstown. A little over 20 years later, in 1837, the Northern Liberties linked with the city of Pittsburgh’s Fifth Ward, which was the first addition to the city’s earliest four wards (“Strip
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This helped to establish Pittsburgh as an industrial powerhouse, which created many opportunities” (“The Strip District: A Place like No Other,” 2015). Not only did this bring immigrants from countries like Ireland, Germany, and Poland to seek employment, but it also created industrial wealth and growth within the city. In addition, to the Strip District being the industrial spot, it later grew into a wholesale produce center, which therefore created a lot of revenue. By the early 20th century, The Strip District had become the center for all wholesale produce business within the city. Merchants traveled to and from The Strip to purchase food and sell and ship it around the world for profit. Unfortunately, the need for space to expand the produce wholesaler’s area became extremely important. In the 1930’s many industrial buildings, homes, and mills were destroyed, creating more room for wholesalers (“The Strip District: A Place like No Other,” 2015). As you can see, The Strip District has played a major role in many pivotal concepts within Pittsburgh. Without this idea from owners James O’Hara and George A. Bayard, Pittsburgh’s history would be completely…show more content…
According to the Strip District Neighbors website, The Strip District is in a period of transition. However, throughout this transition many are excited for what the future will bring and are eager to see The Strip Districts next chapter and impact on Pittsburgh (“Strip District History,” n.d.). In conclusion, if you are ever in search for a Terrible Towel, Pittsburgh sport attire, or just want a true taste of Pittsburgh’s roots, The Strip District is the way to
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