Stripped of Civil Rights during Apartheid in South Africa

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Many of people were forced from their homes and were stripped of human civil rights during apartheid. From 1948 to 1994, apartheid was enforced in South Africa. With this policy, colored people (mixed or black) were deprived of housing, education, and work. The policies of apartheid were so strict that if a colored were to speak about a white person, they would be in danger of getting arrested. After all these years that the coloreds suffered through, Nelson Mandela fought hard and eventually got apartheid abolished. Many people believe that racism is gone from South Africa now while others say it is still there and New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis proves to us that there is in fact, still racism in the country. Apartheid was a major issue that affected thousands of people in South Africa. A recently published article states, “During the years of apartheid, the white South African government passed a number of laws that deprived blacks, coloureds (people of mixed ancestry), and Asians of basic rights—taking away their property and political rights and restricting their movements and activities” (“Apartheid: Lingering Issues”). With an all white government, the previously mentioned races could not get the laws overturned. Because of this, they were forced to live with much poorer conditions than the whites and had to abide by all rules given to them. Chief executive of Fleming Martin Securities, Winston Floquet said in a statement from 2000 "The worst legacy of
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