Stroke Accounts For 11.13% Of Total Worldwide Mortality

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Stroke accounts for 11.13% of total worldwide mortality which was the second leading global causes of death after heart disease (Mozaffarian et al., 2015).In the context of stroke, The World Health Organization(WHO) defined it as “ rapidly developing clinical signs of focal disturbance of cerebral function, with symptoms lasting 24 hours or longer or leading to death, with no apparent causes other than of vascular origin” (Aho et al., 1980).However, symptoms lasting less than 24 hours can indicate transient ischemic attack; a temporary episode of neurological dysfunction caused by brain ischemia without acute infarction, usually last from 2 to 15 minutes but can last up to a day (“A classification and outline of cerebrovascular diseases.…show more content…
The consideration of these factors will give us a clearer insight in understanding non-adherence. The causes of non-adherence can be categories into ability, information and motivation (“AIM” see figure x) (Christiane, 2007) . According to this model, patients would only adherence to their treatment if they have necessary information, ability and motivation. Patients who have a clearer understanding of their treatment instill behavior of voluntary adherence. Non-adherence can arise from patient’s lack of knowledge about their medication including its effects and route of administration. Therefore, health professional is a major keystone in enhancing patient’s adherence by correcting and reinforce patient’s knowledge about their medications(Peterson, Takiya, & Finley, 2003). Patient’s motivation to follow their treatment regimen has an influence on adherence. Motivation interviewing is encouraged and it offers effective strategies for improving behavior change and eradicating negative belief and perception towards healthcare system and the effects of medications (Duff & Latchford, 2013). Once patients have all the necessary information and motivation, the last key piece that determines adherence is ability. Whether or not patients have the ability to follow instruction about taking their medications. These problems can be overcome by responding to corresponding patient’s need such as simplifying the

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