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A stroke is the sudden death of the cells in a specific area of the brain caused by inadequate blood flow. Another name for it is cerebral vascular accident (CVA). A stroke is also called a brain attack.
A stroke occurs when an artery bursts or becomes closed when a blood clot lodges in it and blood flow is interrupted to that part of the brain. Blood circulating to that area of the brain served by the artery stops at the point of rupture, and the brain tissue in that area dies or is damaged. The effects of a stroke are determined by which portion of the brain is affected and how much damage occurs. A stroke can cause memory loss, speech impairment, reasoning ability, loss of vision, paralysis, coma, and …show more content…

Though, hemorrhagic strokes are different. Symptoms of a subarachnoid hemorrhage include severe headache that begins suddenly, vomiting, nausea, stiff neck, light intolerance and loss of consciousness. An intracranial hemorrhage may exhibit extreme hypertension, loss of consciousness, paralysis (especially on one side of the body), seizure, vomiting, severe nausea, altered mental state weakness, numbness, severe or sudden headache.
Diagnosing a stroke usually begins with a careful medical history, especially concerning the distribution and onset of the symptoms and the presence of risk factors, so that other possible causes are excluded. Performing a brief neurological exam may be used to identify the location and degree of any deficits, such as vision loss, weakness, or lack of coordination.
Once stroke is suspected imaging technology is used to determine which type of stroke the patient has suffered. Blood and urine tests are run to look for abnormalities. A non contrast computed tomography scan (CT scan) is used to identify hemorrhagic strokes. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can detect ischemic strokes, caused by blood clots, earlier and more reliably than CT scanning. Other investigations include electrocardiogram, angiography, ultrasound, and electroencephalogram.
The risks of stroke can be reduced through daily, basic lifestyle changes. These changes include

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