Struggles Of A Rapid Ascension Of Fame

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Struggles of a Rapid Ascension to Fame Rap star G-Eazy, born Gerald Earl Gillum, may only be twenty seven years old but he has played on the same stage as legends such as Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles to U2 and John Denver to Prince and Macklemore and many more. Coming off his sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out released December 4th, 2015, his career is reaching new levels of popularity which isn’t all it’s cut out to be. This album, which featured his triple platinum single “Me, Myself & I” featuring Bebe Rexha, brings a spotlight to tragedies in his past and the “rollercoaster that was the past two years”, said Gerald in an interview with’s Adelle Platon. His most popular song, “Me, Myself, & I” released on October 14th, 2015, was released as the lead single for his upcoming album, When It’s Dark Out. “Me, Myself, & I” is in a moderato tempo and in a c-minor key, a common key and tempo among the hip-hop genre. In “Me Myself and I” by G-Eazy, Gerald comes to terms with the aspects of being famous and forever in the spotlight, which he wanted but didn’t realize everything else that came with it. He does this through his thought out lyrics and his use of artistic discretion in the music video that he released shortly after the song. Within his music video, G-Eazy begins by being driven back home by his foreign girlfriend, a status symbol of superstar lifestyle, and when he gets home he is thrown a surprise party for his birthday. Just before the beginning of

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