Student Athlete Argumentative Essay

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What do you think about school athletics? I believe that should be a part of an athletic program. Sports give you a generous amount of benefits. I have many sources to support my statement. On the field, you learn skills that can also be used in class. It is proven that athletes have better academic results. You also get social benefits too. Also, sports teams unite the student body and give people some school pride. Student athletes are prone to get more college and job opportunities. Sportsmen are generally more confident and have more self esteem. You should be a part of an athletic program because it will help you be more successful.

Despite the fact that athletes are usually busy, they are proven to get better academic results. Many ask why this is. Authors have concluded student athletes are pushed to do well academically by teammates and coaches and are in a pro-educational environment. Most schools require you to have certain requirements to participate. Learning the motions in a sport will requires skills like memorization, repetition and determination. Those skills transfer to the classroom as well, which makes a positive impact …show more content…

You will always feel like you belong to the school and to your team. Your classmates and other peers will know you better and be proud of you. After a big win, the school will seem to unite and come together. School spirit fills the school. Also, when your school's team wins, it brings in money for other programs to excel, too. "According to the NCAA website, Division I universities had an average attendance over 46,000 in 2011, but college football does more than just bring people together. South Carolina University senior Chris Kelly said college football has the ability to unify the student body." - USA Today. School can sometimes be dreadful, but when you represent your school through a sport you're passionate about, it's so much

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