Student Housing Satisfaction: A Quantitative Survey of University Students

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Student Housing Satisfaction
(Order 2101034) College is usually the first time an individual child leaves home and lives on their own, but what are the factors that make an individual student satisfied with their living situation? In the article titled "Aspects of student housing satisfaction: a quantitative study," the researchers attempted to define what aspects of student housing influence a person's satisfaction with that particular housing situation. The study consisted of a quantitative survey of university students which emphasized five aspects of student housing and asked them to rate their importance. In the end the researchers discovered that the type of ownership was the most important factor in a student's satisfaction followed by the quality of the housing and its location. The authors stated that the purpose of their research was to discover a "better understanding of which aspects influence students' housing satisfaction in Trondheim, Norway." (Thomsen, 2010, p.273) The first thing that they discovered was that students have a varied definition of satisfaction when it comes to their housing. Different social groups tend to rate satisfaction not in comparison with the average in society but with what they are familiar with in their particular social group. Therefore, students from different social and economic backgrounds show different levels of satisfaction with the same housing situation. With this in mind the researchers developed a survey which
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