Student Intervention Paper

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Student Description:
• Based off sheer size of my classes, prior to looking at the data, I determined that I wanted my student intervention to take place with a group in my sixth period B-day class. My sixth period is one of my largest (if not the largest) class that I have, and with that being said, many of the students are unable to get the individualized attention that they need. The students I targeted were specifically chosen because they are some of the lowest students in my class. The Intensive Reading course has twenty-eight students, on a good day, and every student struggles with the fundamentals of reading. A majority of the students are 10th graders and a few of the students are repeating either the grade level or just the class itself. In my specific student intervention group, I will have five students, four of which are classified as 10th grade and one of which is classified as 9th grade. Three of the students are African-American, one of the students is Caucasian, and one of the students is Multi-Racial. One of the students in the small group does have a 504 plan and another student has an IEP both of which request for accommodations such as extra time, copies of notes, peer assistance, and encouragement throughout all lessons. All of the students chosen are also suppose to work with a reading interventionist, but considering that is not always an option, my student intervention plan is to act in substitution of, and in addition to, the help they are already receiving. …show more content…

Word Recognition focuses strictly on a student’s ability to recognize written words quickly and effortlessly. Based off the grade level of my students, they should have the ability to go through a list of words rapidly pronouncing them correctly. The goal is to get them to be able to recognize and identify 10th grade leveled

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