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As I progressed through my higher education, I notice a slight incline towards me having some difficulties with my punctuation in addition to finding the drive to pull words from my vast vocabulary. Which I feel is easily being address by each assignment that I complete. When needing to explain myself more than once on a similar question I resort to the thesaurus to find the means of articulating a response. Although when I would refer to my feedback, I notice only one area of concern, which relates to me needing to proofread my assignments prior to submitting them. In attempt of adopting a solution to my error, I found web-based software that has been assisting me through providing a second pair of eyes along with Microsoft word and reading over the assignment for the final time prior to submitting it has help greatly. Alongside using software, I plan to benefit from the tutoring services GCU (Grand Canyon University) offers online through their “Student Success Center”.

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