Student Survival Course Syllabus

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Student Survival Guide

When starting a new course: The first resource I need to use is the course syllabus. The syllabus includes the course overview, and then the week by week assignments. Within in the weekly assignments are your materials needed for the week, and are usually in a word or pdf document. If you don't have the programs to read the downloads; you can download the programs to read the document's on you student web sight. My instructors contact information is also a valuable resource with in my course syllabus.
The Center For Writing Excellence is one of the best resources. I can use this resource in many ways: If I have a paper I want reviewed for grammar and structure, I just submit my paper wait no longer than twenty …show more content…

How do you avoid it? By using three steps: Avoid using someone else's ideas or work without there acknowledgment or proper citation. Don't present another students work as your own, even if you partially worked on it too. Make certain, run it threw the plagiarism checker.
If I ignore these rules I may suffer some sever consequences I don't want. The worst being suspension and the possibility of it being hard to get into another school if I'm expelled. I could and probably will get a failing grade on the paper; or worse I could fail or be dropped from the class depending on what offense it is. I will also be subjected to getting a permanent mark on my student record.
I can avoid plagiarism and keep my integrity by doing my own work and using my own ideas on articles I read. I can also avoid plagiarism by remembering the consequences if I do commit plagiarism. Again I should always run my work threw the center for writing excellence. The college has no tolerance for plagiarism and I have to uphold to that.

Setting and Achieving Goals

I have learned that it is very important to set long and short term goals for myself. I have also learned the difference between the two. A long term goal is around a year long and a short term is well less than a year. For example; my present long term goal is my associates degree. My short term goal is to complete my assignments along with my daily

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