Student Testing Needs a Revision

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Get out your number 2 pencils kids; it’s time for a test! For more than 50 years standardized tests have been a bane of student life in America. With the initiation of the No Child Left Behind law there is more pressure being put on students and teachers to do well on these tests. Unfortunately, the standardized testing only gives a small look into what a student is learning. Standardized testing is ineffective, and there are other options out there that can be used to evaluate the American education system.
Standardized testing is used in every school and in nearly every grade in the United States. They are used to judge the performance of students and to determine the proficiency when compared to their peers. A teacher’s performance is also evaluated based on the results of their student’s tests.
A fundamental problem with standardized testing is how they were developed. In 1026 the SAT, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, was introduced. This provided a much faster way to test college applicants. In December of 1941 America’s involvement in World War II began. The College Entrance Exam Board decided that because of the war there should be no more leisurely test taking, and voted for the implementation of the use of the SAT as the faster standard by which all students would be tested. Essay questions were added back to the SAT in 1955.
Essential testing was developed to provide a fast way to evaluate students in a time of crisis. The crisis has past and yet this

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