Students With Emotional Behavioral Disability

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I have been working with students with Emotional Behavioral Disability (EBD) since I graduated from college in 2006. I did not initially go to school for special education, but after spending five years working with students in this program, I decided to go back and get a special education license. I started out working as a one-on-one aide with a severe EBD student. After working with this student I realized that special education was where I wanted to continue working. I made a connection with that student (and almost every student I have worked with) that no other teacher was able to make, and because of that, I was able to help that student to improve in school with not only behavior, but also with academics. I have a brother who has a lot of disabilities and was also in the EBD program through school, and I believe that has helped me to become the teacher I am today, as I learned at a young age how to successfully interact with a child who was set off very easily. I have been able to use what I learned at a young age (and have continued learning while teaching) to help me be a successful teacher of students with EBD. I have learned that relationships are everything, and in my classroom, this is my very first priority. The students who do not open up as easily as others have proved to be a challenge for me, as I believe it is because we do not have the relationship I would like to build with them. However, I have found that when I continue working at it, I am

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