Study on a Hispanic Club at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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In the beginning, when it was said to my class that we were expected to right and ethnography. I had no idea what that was. Dr. Cairo began to explain to us what she did, what and anthropologist did, and, most importntly,what an ethnography was. First thing I thought to do my Ethnography on was a church or public place. My choice changed about three times but I finally choose to study a Hispanic Culture club here at SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville). I made this decision because I wanted to learn more about what Hispanic students that go to this school go through, what traditions do they practice, and what is thier family background. Another expirience that changed my topic is one that took place in Anthropolgy class. That …show more content…

In total, I spent about seven hours observing the cultural meetings and about three hours interviewing students (one hour each). I was very lucky to find three informing students with different backgrounds, values, traditions, and opinions. Their answers to my questions were very detailed. I learned alot not only from my interviewees but from my expirince as a whole. Each day of observation, I spent two hours observing in the meetings. The first day, I felt very out of place and a sense of fear. My fear was people were talking about me because I couldnt understand what any one was saying. Usaually when you attend a formal meeting, you are greeted and seated, or at least informed of what was going. I walked in and seated my self and started to observe what was going on. The people in this meeting were students between the ages of eighteen and twenty five. Majority if the students were younger which means they were freshmans. Freshman year is the year when you find out where you belong, what crowds, organizations, or sports you belong to. It seemed as thought freshman Hispanic students found comfort here. This was the main observation I concluded during this session amongst other things. During my second meeting, I had the opportunity to see how the students and thier family member interacted with each other. Thier family came to visit them during family visit weekened here at SIUE. I really

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