Studying The Chemistry And The Types Of Macro Invertebrates

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In previous studies, studying the chemistry and the types of macro invertebrates that live in a pond or stream can indicate how clean the water is; according to the North Carolina State university water quality group, stoneflies like water rich in dissolved oxygen, cold in temperature and flowing through rocks (Osmond watersheds page 1). In this lab, we went to two streams, cherry creek and bear creek. We took physical Measurements like the width, depth, description of substrate and the site. This was done for the upper, middle, and lower transect. and chemical measurements of the streams like measuring pH, temperature, phosphate, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, dissolved O2, and dissolved solids. We also counted the macro invertebrates we found and then we Identified the ones we found. With the data that we collected, we hope to find out how does the water affect the types of macro invertebrates found in the stream which brings up my hypothesis which is The more dissolved O2 found in the water, we will find bioindicators that indicate clean water. I predict if there is high amounts of O2 dissolved, then there will be presence of bio indicators that only live in clean water. Our variables are water quality as our independent and our dependent is the macro invertebrates.


To start off the lab, we went to cherry creek first, which is located on Speer and larimer. Then the following week, went to bear creek which was located on Estes St. The controlled
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