Studying for a Foreign Language Degree

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After many recent trips to parts of France in the last few years, I have gained a fascination with the concept of communicating with individuals in various languages; these excursions have fuelled my passion to immerse myself into a language degree and to follow a path of foreign language and its meanings and uses in the world of work. Discovering aspects of the French culture like fashion, food and family life during my travels assisted me for my AS French Oral Exam and these experiences have led me to believe that time spent studying in France will help me to achieve my aspiration to have the ability to interpret the French and English language for both myself and others. Attending weekly sessions with a fluent French born assistant in my sixth form has helped develop my French linguistic skills and enhanced my confidence with communicating in the language. Although Welsh is a more diverse language to French, it is still close to my heart and I have a great desire to one day be able to speak the mother tongue of my home country fluently. Studying both French and Welsh at AS and A Levels has equipped me with the ability to communicate, to read and to understand both languages simultaneously. Despite only studying Biology at AS Level it has broadened my knowledge and cultivated me with critical thinking skills and has assisted me to have an understanding of science, beyond what I new before taking on this vast subject. At school, I have participated in a
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