Style Of Writing In William Golding's Cry Of The Flies

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Author’s style and examples Golding’s style of writing coincided the plot really well, as the tone of the book is very dark.This is because he focuses on a negative depiction of mankind, which is demonstrated by an attempt to convey to the reader the capability of mankind to do evil, as we slowly see the characters in the book change from innocent children, into blood thirsty savages. The use of literary techniques kept the book engaging. One of the author’s most prevalent literary techniques, which is used throughout well throughout the book is imagery. The best example of this is during the second to last chapter, Cry of the Hunters. During this part of the book, Ralph is running from Jack, Roger and the other savages after whispering to Sam and Eric through the bushes. When Golding described the thunder cracking above him, and the boys yelling and screaming war cries, this chapter became very immersive, as the writer conotes to the reader the shear terror Ralph felt as he ran for his life. The author’s use of diction also aided in creating the dark tone of the book as well. During the chapter nine, A View to Death, instead of using sentences such as, “The lightning struck”,page 180 reads, “The blue-white scar jagged above them and the sulphurous explosion beat down.” During this part of the book when Jack and his followers are scream, “Kill the Beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!”, it was Golding’s use of diction, imagery and other literary techniques that made the

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