Subduction Zones: The Reason Why People Prefer Living Near Them

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Subduction Zones Subduction zones are dangerous places. What may be the reasons why so many people live near them? The reason why so many people are choosing to live next to a subduction zone is because of their close proximity to certain geographical features (i.e. the oceans and mountains). This is because a subduction zone is where two tectonic plates are rubbing against each other. Over the course of time, this can create sudden changes to the formation of the landscape often involving: earthquakes and volcanic activity. (Lloyd, 2010) As a result, one of the main reasons why someone would want to live in these regions is because of their convenience in correlation with major population centers. For example, the San Andres fault runs up and down the cost of California. However, a large portion of the US population is living in these areas because they are close to: Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Originally, these regions became popular because of their strategic location next to the coast and easy access they provided. The combination of these factors allowed these areas to grow in size and become major population centers. As a result, the sudden amounts of growth are a direct effect of economic factors such as: trade and easy access. (Lloyd, 2010) A second reason why someone will live in a subduction zone is because of the quality of life that it can provide. For example, mountains are considered to be subduction zones. This is because there are two

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