Subliminal Messages In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925 ,and although it was not a great success at first, it was widely appreciated by the masses in later decades. (“Fitzgerald F. Scott (1896-1940).”) The primary reason why critics and readers enjoyed the book so much was because of the novel's diverse and complex characters as well as his subliminal messages. Gatsby being the focus of the novel, is a complex man of the nouveau riche class of american society. He accomplished this financial security through all of his hard work and he bought expensive accessories to not only impress but intimidate his guests as well. However all of this hard work and manipulation came at a cost for gatsby. He never found any true joy…show more content…
(“Fitzgerald F. Scott (1896-1940).”) The beginning of the novel does not discuss the personal life of Gatsby, the later chapters do hint to Gatsby's origin of wealth as well as where gatsby had come from. At one point in the novel, Gatsby's butler approaches and says “Philadelphia wants you on the phone sir.” (Fitzgerald 53) It is to be assumed that throughout gatsby's life of being a rich man, he receives many calls so that he could discuss business with his numerous operators in his underground empire. Phones in the 1920’s was a relatively new invention and Gatsby took full advantage of it. Gatsby's relationship with a radical man by the name of meyer wolfsheim shows the depth of corruption that his business runs on. Nick has a conversation with wolfshiem and he says , “I see you're looking at my cuff buttons” (Fitzgerald 72) while discussing his clothing. Later in the conversation nick learns that the cuff buttons were actually human molars. Nick finds out about wolfsheim and his shady business deals with gatsby, after this incident which will in effect lead to nick turning down a business opportunity with wolfshiem later in the book. All of the phone calls and associates of gatsby keep him from achieving any sort of long term happiness with his wealth and relationships with true…show more content…
Most of if not all of the happiness any of the characters feel in the story is derived from either liquor or gossip. Gatsby throughout the whole story, focuses on his business to generate money to finance his parties and help him buy things to win daisy's heart. He gets so caught up in this end goal that he loses sight of the priority, which is himself. Gatsby never relaxes to enjoy his wealth and amenities. When he final does settle down, it is too late. The major theme in this story is to enjoy one's social, political, and financial standing in life and live in the moment and
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