Submarine Peril : Chapter 2 : Submarine Peril

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THE COMIC BOOK MOVIE SERIALS Chapter 2: Submarine Peril Pauline Marvin - Ward of the late industrialist Stanford Marvin. Will inherit half his fortune when she marries Stanford’s son, Harry, but is determined to spend the next year seeking adventure. Harry Marvin - Is determined to get Pauline to forget the adventure and marry him now. He accompanies her on a weekend trip to visit friends in the Adirondacks. Raymond Owen - Stanford’s former secretary and now Pauline’s guardian. Will inherit her money if she dies before marrying. Plotting to make that happen, he and his henchman Hicks follow them and hire gypsies to kidnap and do away with the pair. Having loosened their bonds and escaped the gypsy camp, Harry and Pauline find themselves being chased through the woods. “I was hoping they wouldn’t notice our escape so soon,” Harry exclaims. “It sounds like they’re on three sides of us. We’ll need to go in this direction.” Grasping Pauline’s hand Harry leads her as fast as possible through some dense brush that suddenly opens on a cliff’s edge. Unable to stop in time the pair find themselves hurtling toward a lake 75 feet below. Pauline squeezes her eyes shut against the terrible rush of air. Suddenly, she finds herself no longer falling, but being lifted upward; opening her eyes she’s shocked to realize she’s in the arms of a man wearing a red costume and white cape.

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