Suboxone Research Paper

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Suboxone Treatment (H1)
Suboxone: Effectively Treats Opiate Addiction - But Not Without Risk (H2)
Medically advancements of past few decades have ushered in a handful of drug treatment medications. While other disorders have been treated with medication as alcoholism, opioid and opiate (namely painkillers and heroin) addiction is the one most often treated with these medications.

Buprenorphine, or Suboxone, has become the most common medication used to treat drug addiction. A unique combination of buprenorphine and naloxone (the drug used to treat overdose), suboxone is unique in the respect it’s the first drug of its kind that can be prescribed by a general practice physician. Other medications, such as methadone, require a special trip to a specified clinic to get the
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Therefore, suboxone treatment must be closely monitored by the prescribing physician.
Ins and Outs of Suboxone Treatment (H3)
Due to its high affinity for abuse, the efficacy and safety of suboxone treatment is still undecided by many institutions. As such, the rules and regulations regarding the prescribing and distribution of this treatment are stringent and subject to change. Physicians are limited as to how many patients they are allowed to prescribe suboxone to at any given time.

Suboxone treatment is intended to help you end misuse of opioids once and for all. Furthermore, it’s designed to help manage the condition of opiate or painkiller addiction. Your case is unique - so are your needs. The doctor that treats your opioid addiction will work with you to develop a regimen unique to your needs.

Don’t Suffer. Get the Help You Need... NOW (H2) ***This section will be the same on the other pages****
Your future is not yet decided. You don’t have to end up like other addicts you know that wound up incarcerated. On the streets.
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