Essay on Substance Abuse Effects on Children

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For the purpose of this particular class assignment and with funding not being an

issue, this paper will seek to create a treatment/prevention program for those who

have been affected by the effects of substance abuse/addiction. Additionally, it will seek

to describe a comprehensive model for treating this population. The mission would be to

eliminate the devastating impact of substance abuse on those affected: chemically

dependent individuals, those with a history of substance abuse/misuse, families/children

and communities. The goal is to achieve and sustain abstinence for those addicted to

alcohol and other substances in order for them to develop a recovering lifestyle. Finally,

this paper will attempt …show more content…

Drug Use Continuum:

Initial drug/alcohol use can be motivated by a number of factors. Such as, an

individual’s inquisitiveness about the drug and it’s effect, predisposition, peer pressure,

psychodynamic processes, homelessness, mental health illness and poverty. These can

all offer ample motivation for experimental or circumstantial drug use. If taken

repeatedly, a period of casual drug use often develops. Further usage associated with

more frequent drug administration, higher drug dosages, and/or the use of more effective

routes of administration (switching from intranasal to intravenous use) can lead to

intensive patterns of drug use. Continued, more sustained drug use can then produce

compulsive drug use where the substance has strong motivational properties and appears

to govern much of the individual’s behavior. The most extreme case of drug use is the

final progression to addiction.

Substance use, like many human behaviors, occurs along a broad spectrum from

no use to compulsive/extremely heavy use (Abadinsky, 2011). Thus, the likelihood of an

individual experiencing problems emerging from substance use, usually increases as the

rate of use amplifies. The gamut for

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